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Africa 2.0 is a Pan-African Civil Society organization that consists of young and emerging leaders from Africa and the Diaspora who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions that will in turn leapfrog the development of the continent.

We are a benevolent civil society initiative bringing together some of the most accomplished young Africans from the highest ranking international, pan-African and national organisations operating on the continent today.

Our action-oriented network also includes some of the most influential and respected African personalities who have achieved great milestones for Africa over the years.

Our purpose is to influence thoughtful change in Africa by bringing together thinkers and actors from the private sector and civil society to develop and implement practical, creative strategies that will produce positive outcomes for millions of Africans.

Our Mission

We have defined a collective development agenda for the continent – The vision Africa 2.0 Manifesto – that drives our strategies and advocacy efforts. The Manifesto identifies 12 pillars that we believe require concrete action if we are to respond to some of Africa’s most pronounced challenges. 

How we work

Africa 2.0 was founded as a result of the first Africa Leadership Retreat held in South Africa in July 2010. The event was organised to set new benchmarks for the continent and identify approaches to attain these goals. Africa 2.0 is the vehicle through which we promote our vision for Africa and mobilise for action to realise that vision.


We advocate the Vision Africa 2.0 Manifesto at national, regional and continental level by engaging with decision-makers, opinion leaders, international and national institutions, and the media on our vision for Africa.

Our initiatives

We believe that we must get involved and be part of the change that we wish to see on the continent. In order to define ourselves we use the word  “Dink Tank” ( A Think Tank that also Does Things), in other words we Propose Solutions and aim to play a catalyst role in the Implementation Process Through initiatives that are initially piloted and the replicated across the continent. Our country teams adapt our strategies and initiatives to their country contexts and implement our action plan both locally and at sub-regional level .


  • Solidarity
  • Unity
  • Progress
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Action
  • Service


1.  Africa 2.0 is more than just a Network, it’s a community. A network is defined as a group of individuals convening to get together to serve their individual, professional or personal interest     through access to the other members of the group. Africa 2.0 is more than just a network. Africa 2.0 is a community. As such the     members of Africa 2.0 join the Africa 2.0 Community to not only benefit from the quality of network of high profile individuals but     first and foremost to serve a Common Goal that bounds all its members: Transform Hope into Action from today onwards in order     to establish a Prosperous and Inspiring Africa within the next 20 years.

2. A credible partner gathering a critical mass of  qualitative, coordinated impactful change maker s In order to address the leadership continuity issue, Africa 2.0 has set up a Pan African mentorship programme fostering intergenerational dialogue and grooming young African leaders across the continent preparing them to act as responsible and visionary accelerators of progress on the continent. 2. A large footprint in 25+ countries for greater impact and scale. Africa 2.0 has a strong footprint on the continent with more than 25 country Chapters in Africa and Chapters in China, North America, France and United Kingdom capable of reaching more than 2 billion people. This provides the capacity to scale our messages, our campaigns and our uplifting initiatives directly impacting African populations.

3. A Generation of private sector, government and civil society Leaders committed to work together towards executing a long term Vision Africa 2.0 is the first initiative ever set up proposing a comprehensive Vision by high potential Africans for all Africans. Africa 2.0 announces the emergence of a generation that takes ownership of its own future and is capable to coordinate and organize itself to enable a sustainable and prosperous upliftment at continental level.

4. A Vision supported by concrete Initiatives on the ground impacting lives daily. Africa 2.0 aims at leading by example and selecting specific initiatives inspired from best practices. Such initiatives would be piloted and replicated in all countries where we have active Chapters.

Get involved…join the Africa 2.0 bandwagon!!!

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