Foundation Documents


Foundation Documents

African Consensus is established as an economic paradigm based on two documents

The African Consensus Declaration adopted by the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights NGO Forum convened in Banjul, Gambia, April 2011.

The African Consensus Statement to Rio+20 submitted by the Economic Commission on Africa jointly with the African Union, African Development Bank, UN ECOSOC, UNDEP and UNEP to the Rio+20 conference in Brazil, July 2012.

Starting from the basis of these two documents African Consensus is an evolving economic paradigm to be built upon during future African Consensus Forum meetings where multi-stakeholders in the African continent: civil society, business, finance, and government will convene each year with regional break-out meetings throughout each year to articulate the aspirations and pathways to African development based on pragmatism and the shared experience of stakeholders.

The African Consensus Forum “Green-print” will be the annual outcome document of each African Consensus Forum to serve as a green growth blueprint of development and a continuing reference of best practices articulated by the stakeholders each year.



The African Consensus Economic Paradigm

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