Climate Change Matters to Black Lives

Climate Change Matters to Black Lives.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the richest charity in the world. Their foundational goal is to end poverty and the majority of their work is with Black and Brown people around the world, especially in the Global South. The Gates Foundation has focused their work in Africa to combat malaria and polio. All of this work will be undermined by climate change, which will increase diseases and famines. Financially, Africa is the most impoverished continent, yet as a continent we have the most natural resources. These natural resources, like fossil fuel, are being stolen out of Africa by neocolonial-transnational corporations. This is what keeps Africa poor. When Black people stand up to stop the exploitative extraction, they are gunned down or go missing, as we saw in the Nigerian Delta with Shell. The same corporations that are stealing Africa’s natural resources are most responsible for climate change. Climate change is killing people mainly from the Global South.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have $420 million dollars invested in the fossil fuel industries, including $5 million in Shell. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation cannot work to end poverty in Africa while simultaneously being invested in the same corporations that keep Africa poor.

We as Black Lives Matter activists, organizers, advocates and allies, call on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest from all fossil fuels industries.

Organizations that signed on:

EPIC, Seattle Black Book Club

Sarra Tekola, Seattle Black Book Club & Ethiopian Black Lives Matter Activist

Banaa Be EPIC (Ending the Prison Industrial Complex)

Asha Heru EPIC, YUIR, SYPP (“”, Youth Undoing Intuitional Racism, Seattle Young Peoples Project)

Senait Brown BlackOut WA, EPIC

Devan Rogers, YUIR (Youth Undoing Insitutional Racism.) EPIC, SSC BSU

Bruce Flory, EPIC, European Dissent, Alliance for Clean Jobs & Energy, CarbonWA

Rick Derksen, EPIC, European Dissent

Dr. Kinte Perry: EPIC, Tenants Union,

James Williams, EPIC, BlackOutWA

Gabriella Sanchez-Stern, EPIC, YUIR


Ariel Hart, EPIC, YUIR

Kat Culberg, RJOY

Tomás Narvaja, Black Lives Matter

Evana Enabulele, Nigerian Black Lives Matter activist

Palca Shibale, Kenyan Black Lives Matter activist

Hodan Hassan, Somalian Black Lives Matter activist

Netsie Melaku, Zambian Black Lives Matter Activist

Article written by Sarra Tekola.

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  1. I agree with this article and this divestment must occur not only from the Gates Foundation but many other non-profits who help people. Thank you Sarra for your words.

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